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With a fixed 25 payline structure, the South Park Slot from Netent packs loads of fun on its 5 reels as well as horizontal three rows. It is one of the slots that have an authentic feel and look of the franchise that it is based on. The popular cartoon theme will get you hooked for hours thanks to the comedy feel it portrays, captivating gameplay, and numerous ways to rack in some cash. You will be joining Stan, Kenny, Cartman, and Kyle, the South Park gang that stars in this video slot.  Mess around and get into as much trouble as possible with the rowdy cartoon characters. You can play this on your desktop at the office or at home, or even on your iOS or Android powered device. It is easily available at numerous casinos that have products from the software provider. The game that attracts quite many persons avails excellent user experience, fantastic design, and superb gaming structures. There are various buttons that you can use to control the Netent South Park slots like:

  • Bet Level –This will set the number of money you want for the slot’s wagering lines
  • Round Middle button – it will start you off.
  • Autoplay – Spin the slot for a predetermined number of rounds without any interruptions.
  • Coin Value – Permits you to set the value you desire.
  • Max – The button allows you to automatically set the highest wagering value.

How to Play the Game

The adrenaline-charged and unpredictable game comes with numerous goodies that include:

  • Animated missions.
  • Talking characters.
  • Loads of treats.

These will randomly appear on the games’ screen as you move along. Let’s have a look at some of the ones that you should be really rooting for:

  • The game’s Cartman mini-feature is one to look out for which appears as the character is in beefcake mode. It is actually a 3 by 3 block of wild that typically leads to larger wins and exciting multiple payline combinations. Note that it will only show up on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sections.
  • Another thing the game presents is MR. Hankey. The character will show up anywhere on the slot and keep on splattering from one symbol to the next.  When this happens, stay alert because, on your next round, all characters will be converted into wilds.  Take note of Philip and Terrance mini a duo that comes off as foul-mouthed. When they randomly appear on the slot and come with 3 wilds, you get the power to substitute any other trait that is already in appearance with the exception of the bonus one.

South Park game has reasonable min and max wagering limits allowing people on a small bankroll as well as high rollers to wager with the amount that they are most comfortable with. The minimum wagering requirement stands at $0.25 while the maximum is $125. The slot also has exclusive tools in regards to the betting options that range from £0.25 to £125.00 for every spin. When you play on all 25 lines, you can get maximum payout of 1,250,000 pennies. You can adjust wagering and cash values. The winning lines are formed from the left to the opposite direction.    As you play this video slot, you will be treated with multiple extras. Here are the top four that you can come across.  Note that the bonus games normally have a set of free rotations.

  1. Kylie Bonus – It awards ten rounds at no cost as a welcome gift.
  2. Kenny Bonus is another example that gives you the responsibility of assisting Kenny as he tackles the South Park Streets. Every time you manage to save Kenny from danger, your smile will widen as you get more cash as well as multipliers.

To bag other multipliers on South Park you should view Cartman wield an extinguisher at some hippies. You might also get lucky to assist Kenny to escape some stricken planes. Kicking Ike, Kyle’s baby brother will not get you in trouble, instead, you will be able to win some prizes in the hopscotch game. Puking on Wendy who is Stan’s girlfriend will also reward you with some free rotations as well as sticky wilds. The slot does not have a progressive jackpot.

How to Win the Game

The theoretical payout percentage for this platinum slot is 96.7%, and it also has extremely high volatility. The production that has been running for more than a decade implying that it has captured the hearts of many. Some pay-table information to be informed of include:

  • Landing on five Cartman gives out 750 pennies for each line.
  • You will be credited with 400 pennies for getting five Kennys.
  • 5 ace will pay 125 pennies.
  • Ladies come with 75 pennies.
  • Kings give a hundred pennies for every line.
  • The youngest South Park character, i.e. Jack gives participants 50 pennies on the payline.

To increase your winning chances here are some tips to keep in mind as you play the game. You can start by exploring the free mode version of the game. This will allow you to know what it is all about boosting confidence that is needed to go ahead and invest your money in the hopes of making something. It is also recommended that you focus more on the bonus games because more often than not, this is where the mega winnings lay. Because the slot’s cycle is long, it is not advisable to place very high wagers at first as you play. You are better off spreading the amounts if you want to get the best results. It will also increase your chances of gaining a free spin or more since they will most likely appear after every ten to fifteen spins. These are a great collection because they have the power to increase your investments by up to ten times or even give you winnings of around five hundred pennies.


The software provider in charge of this selection has successfully managed to convert the famous South Park primetime cartoon into an equally thrilling video slot. The game that many love is very easy and fun to play featuring huge wins, brilliant graphics, insane antics, and hilarious entertainment that will charm you into playing for hours without getting bored.


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